About the Mentoring

You will learn the good news of what Jesus Christ has achieved and the power, authority and abilities through the resurrection that has been deposited by Christ into you. You learn what the word of God has to say not just by reading out the bible or college textbook but anointed teachings, revealing wisdom and revelation. On occasion there will be special guest speakers who will impart their knowledge. For those who have seen my streams, I have done this often. You learn how to operate in healing, how to operate effectively in pray so prayers are answered, how to see in the spirit, how to see weapons of warfare coming so they can be destroyed before they reach you. How to step in the anointing of the prophets in the word and modern-day. I am going to take you to places in God's word that many are too frightened to go which is going to bring so much clarity to you in your journey with God. We will go through the generals in God's army the history that gave keys to greater depths of manifestation in the kingdom. the courtrooms of heaven. How easy it is to access heaven and lose what you need financially and the resources to start the ministry you have. You learn how to deliver people even people who have been through horrible events in their lives setting them free. You will learn how to walk someone out of trauma, how inner healing works. How to live a lifestyle of enjoying God's manifest presence and Glory presence and tackling mindsets that might stop you evangelizing in the market place which could be the very door that unlocks your ministry to fill stadiums. What is the significance of Enoch? What is the significance of Christ? What did Paul spend of his time actually teaching the church? How can you effectively pray for family members and friends to get salvation breakthroughs? How to get revelation from the Holy Spirit to enter into wealth. No matter what ministry your in with the notes you take as each teaching is given with syllabus through pdf files will be there for you to pull out revelation to bring a seasonal word to minister, in the pulpit business world, your family you will healing sings and wonders will become second nature to you signs and wonders. Ultimately carrying Jesus testimony here on earth. This will also be a time to get whole healthy and if needed delivered so you are free and happy in the life God has given you. This is just a small introduction to what you will learn.  After three months those who feel confident I will be putting people together to hold online conferences where you will be ministering and bring God's word not me I will just help you set it up. After 5 months those who want to be run their own streams or be a part of the ones I hold even before 5 months will be welcome to do so. Those who feel called to move to the apostolic center being set up in Australia will be welcomed with open arms to take part.  This will be the most comprehensive course available. Get ready to be shot like a rocket once all of this imparted to you and practicing what is being taught.

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Samantha Jones, Project Manager