David Reid has been in Christian Ministry for 15 years. He has traveled Australia and the world preaching the good news of the gospel, teaching the word,  prophesying and through God healing the sick. He has planted churches, mentored churches through setting up a supernatural ministry and built up the prophetic movement within Australia. He has a large online following through Facebook where he demonstrates the power of the Holy Spirit. He has been blessed to see over 4000 salvations and gives all the glory to Jesus and over 3000 healing miracles many of which have been verified by doctors.

Currently, he is in the process of raising up an Apostolic Centre in Sydney, Australia.

According to Ephesians 4:11-13, the first call of anyone with a five-fold call is to equip the saints. In my times of prayer the Holy Spirit has been talking to me about raising up sons and daughters.  I believe that the gifts anointing good teaching, understanding how the deep things work. The meat in the bible. is not just for leaders it's for the whole body of Christ. This course will equip you to do whatever you are called. 

I believe there is a great harvest coming and want to equip more people in their calling. Whether they are called intercessors, apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors, or saints. As the harvest comes, people are going to need to be prepared for those coming into the kingdom for the first time which are going to need people who understand the word and are anointed to disciple equip and be released.